Dr. Elizabeth Han, writer, engineer, MD


I’m Elizabeth — an East Coast-raised, British Columbia-based writer and MD. Doctor of Medicine ’16, Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering ’11, and Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science (Major in Biomedical Engineering) ’09, all from the University of Toronto. More about me.


6 June 2024 My fiction story, “Testify,” about whether there is such thing as being too honest in one’s baptismal testimony has been accepted for publication in the Fall 2024 issue of Solid Food, a faith based literary magazine based in British Columbia. Waited a long time for this one to find a home!

5 Dec 2023 My fiction story, “The Other Solstice,” about the complexity of female friendships in medicine, has been honored with the Mathiasen award in prose by Harmony Magazine from the University of Arizona. Read here.

5 Dec 2023 — My short story, “Estate,” has been nominated by Sine Theta Magazine for The Pushcart Prize in fiction! An honour to be selected from among many fine pieces this year.

18 August 2023 — My fiction story, “Estate,” is now published in Issue 28 “Sound” of Sine Theta Magazine. [Print edition available from Blurb] [Cover] [First Page] [Second Page]. It was shortlisted for the 2023 Sine Theta contest in prose.

1 July 2023 — My fiction story, “Scout’s Honour,” is now published in Ricepaper Magazine. Ever wonder what it means to be The Good Wife in a town in the Bible Belt of BC? Read here!

7 Jan 2023 — My fiction story, “Clearly Very Junior,” is now published in Breathe, McMaster University’s medical humanities magazine. Read here!

9 October 2022 — Delighted to announce that my fiction story, “Four Card Trick,” is now published in the Fall 2022 issue of The Windsor Review. Read the full story here for free (page 5).

1 July 2022 — Happy to announce that my fiction short story “Sea Otters” is now published in Ricepaper Magazine online, free to read.

27 April 2022 — Happy to announce that my novelette “The Excellent Person” has been longlisted for The Black Spring Press Review’s Best of the Bottom Drawer contest.

29 November 2021 — Delighted to announce that my fiction short story “Destination Wedding” is now published in Island Writers Magazine! Print copies available at Munro’s and other bookshops in Victoria.

17 August 2021 — Delighted to announce that my fiction short story “Theory of Evolution” is now available online in the Communities & Collectives edition of Ricepaper Magazine!

Read my novelette (18k words / 70 min. read) about Spain and the-grass-is-greener syndrome, The Excellent Person

“Lalo,” she said. “You are back.”
“Don’t sound so surprised,” Ted said. He noticed she used usted instead of . “I told you I would be, didn’t I.” He pushed the glass over to her across the counter. “Take some.”


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