In 2010, Dr. Kevin Pho at KevinMD, social media’s leading physician voice, featured my write-up on an idea I was fiddling with — using Twitter for facilitating group medical visits. Read the article here.


In an interesting post by Elizabeth Han, who blogs at the excellent Hospital Songs, she gives an example of how Twitter (via the client Twitterfall) can be incorporated in the group visit…


Dr. Bryan Vartebedian at 33charts wrote about my post on UHN’s Social Media Privacy campaign. Read it here.


I loved Hospital Song’s original post describing efforts by the Toronto University Health System to thwart social media privacy violations.  What I love more is seeing the posters! In a healthcare world where social strategy centers around burying one’s head in the sand it’s refreshing to see such a progressive, reality-based campaign.


Dr. Bertalan Meskó, now at The Healthy Futurist, mentioned me in his popular ScienceRoll Blog on Medicine 2.0.


And Kevin, MD pointed out the idea of Elizabeth Han:

We might get lots of great discussion, but wouldn’t it be nice if a portion of the visit could focus on addressing “trending topics”? So, once again:

1. Take 10 minutes at the midpoint of the visit and have everyone tweet their feelings, keywords, anything.
2. Visualize in real-time with Twitterfall.
3. Discuss, discuss, discuss!

Dr. Ves Dimov, of the popular CasesBlog and based at The Cleveland Clinic, recommended me as further reading regarding using Google Wave in health care.