My research interests center on the nexus of psychiatry, emotion, and patient experience. From 2009-2011, I completed a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering, advised by Dr. Elaine Biddiss at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Together we asked the question: “How can we use music to help caregivers better recognize distress in children with profound physical and verbal disabilities?” and, with the help of an amazing team at Bloorview, developed a technology to do just that. We call it “biosongs” — a technology that translates children’s body temperature, heart rate, and skin conductance to music. Please read more about our exciting research in emotion and caregiving at the PEARL Lab website. Alternatively, peruse my thesis archived here.


Han, E. S.*, Cheung, S.*, Kushki, A., Anagnostou, E., & Biddiss, E. (2016). Biomusic: An Auditory Interface for Detecting Physiological Indicators of Anxiety in Children. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 10. *Co-first author.

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