• Tidepooled (267 words)
  • PROSE.

  • A Story About Palo Alto (381 words)
  • Festival: A Date with Kasabian at Hard Rock Calling (2779 words)
  • Murray’s Mess: An Afternoon At Wimbledon (~6000 words)
  • Dalston Junction (a lot of words)
  • Last Day (In London With A Boy) (a lot of words — in 4 parts)
  • Stuck: Vignettes from a Doomed Courtship (a lot of words)
  • Dispatches from Paris (… words)
  • Torontoist: Vignettes of a City (ongoing)
  • “Excuse me, but are you a doctor?” he said. “Or a student?”

    “Medical student.”

    “Because I was going to say — I can still read your writing.”

    “Me too,” his wife said. “But I thought it was just me seeing things.”

    “Oh, it was me also,” he said.

    I looked back from where I stood in the doorway over at the chart, flipped open to a fresh page.

    “That may change,” I said. “I think we just lose something along the way.”